Practice Analytics

Well run physician organizations understand the value of investing in Practice Analytics. Knowledge of performance results is crucial when running a profitable venture, and timely access to right information is key to an organization’s success.

We believe that no single system will fulfill all of your needs. However, with an open mind and desire to integrate disparate data from various sources such as clinical, practice management, human resources, general ledger, and banking together, there is always a solution. We take a Swiss army knife approach, recognizing the need for more than one tool in the tool box to be successful in this area.

Historically, your core systems may have provided some baseline reporting that was just satisfactory enough to get by. However, each system likely had its own set of reports that were not interconnected. These retrospective views into performance lacked the ability to align with your processes, leaving gaps that couldn’t be measured easily when needed.

Our approach involves working closely with our customers to

  • Identify their analytics needs and requirements
  • Evaluate existing systems and investments in analytics and technology that can be leveraged
  • Design solutions tailored to their current needs and goals
  • Prioritize development based upon agreed-upon goals and timelines

By partnering with us, our customers can benefit from

  • Automation tools that streamline the data gathering and delivery
  • Our ability to transform disparate data into actionable insights
  • Decision-making supported by a solid set of core metrics

Imagine the possibilities

  • Front & Back office scorecards that encourage accountability
  • Physician Dashboards that are delivered automatically
  • Executive views to monitor the entire organization’s performance
  • A reduced burden on an already taxed IT Department

Power of Microsoft’s business applications and analytics

MD Solutions and its customers leverage the power of Microsoft’s business applications and analytics. Microsoft, a recognized leader in this field, has successfully developed solutions that integrate seamlessly with their core suite of business products. We continue to leverage the power of MS SQL, MS Reporting Services, MS Power BI, MS Azure, and MS Excel. Additionally, we have experience with other types of reporting tools such as Cognos, iDashboards, and more.

If you are considering investing in a new direction, or seeking fresh insights into your current system to determine how we may enhance your efforts…we encourage you to give us a call.

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