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The leadership team at MD Solutions brings clients over 30 years of experience in getting to practical solutions for  physician organizations looking to continuously improve and streamline business processes through alignment of people, improved processes complimented with technology.  Our team-based philosophy means that—regardless of the expert, you always get the full benefit of our entire organization on every project.

A palpable camaraderie and extensive knowledge of the business nuances of a physician organization positions MD Solutions apart from other consulting organizations.  

MD Solutions President, Paul Casey

Paul Casey


Paul is responsible for the strategic direction and corporate vision of MD Solutions. Paul has over 30 years of experience in Practice Management, Reimbursement and IT Systems. Over the course of his career, he has managed the financial operations of physician organizations that range from small group practices to large multi-specialty organizations with 100’s of providers. Paul blends his deep domain knowledge of Practice Management, Process Improvement/Automation, Programming with a deep understanding of various medical practice-based software applications with business operations insight to deliver effective practice management solutions/strategy to his clients.

Prior to leading MD Solutions, Paul held Director-level positions at Mount Auburn Professional Services, The Cancer Center of Boston at New England Baptist Hospital, Medical Practice Management, and the former Brigham Beth Israel Medical Group. In these roles, Paul gained an advanced understanding of a multitude of Business Service Outsourcing disciplines, including Revenue Cycle Management, 837 Claims Production, 835 Remittance Processing, Online Eligibility, Claims Status, and EMR and PMS Implementations.

With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, Kevin is the Director of Analytics and knows the whole group practice space very well. His extensive familiarity with the numerous practice management systems, reporting systems, a deep understanding of the Microsoft suite of reporting tools including MS SQL, MS Reporting Services, Power BI allows for a wide range of options to help bring a myriad of options to assist in solving our clients needs. He knows what key performance indicators (KPI) customers want to see and helps them achieve those numbers.

For example, Kevin has worked with multiple physician organizations and has been extremely successful in getting at the data that these groups have not been able to attain until engaging with us. Kevin’s energy to explore how to solve a problem for a customer is what sets him and MD Solutions apart. It’s about “How” we help, not if we can. His experience in the business intelligence and decision support area helps offer deliverables to customers that many consultants aren’t able to provide.

Kevin’s strong track record in boosting productivity, efficiency and cost savings for group practices is highlighted by his ability to work hands-on with customers to help them see the “big picture.” Also, as the resident reporting expert for MD Solutions, he is able to deliver unique results while managing multiple priorities under time sensitive deadlines.

MD Solutions Director of Business Intelligence, Kevin Ransom

Kevin Ransom

Director of Analytics

Improvements and advancements in technology are constantly changing, and the healthcare sector is no different. Healthcare organizations must have the latest technology to serve their patients without breaking the bank. Similarly, medical practices are being asked to keep up with more and more guidelines and mandates without increasing their staff size.

MD Solutions offers consultants who can work with you to utilize the features and functions included in your current system while optimizing its workflow and benefits. They understand the workflow of physician organizations and are able to adapt to the specific needs of each one.

Our Process

Managing a physician organization means not only being ready to provide quality clinical care, but also being properly equipped to running a successful business. Many organizations we work with are well equipped from a clinical and financial perspective, however they continuously strive to find ways to better improve their bottom line.  They continuously invest in their infrastructure and people so that they can reap the benefits of being a well run organization.  

MD Solutions has been the choice for many organizations looking to streamline processes that have a positive impact on their bottom line.  Our expertise and resources know the business and know where the bottlenecks exist. Removing bottlenecks and excuses is what we do best.

Our highly experienced team will assess your organization with an awareness of both your clinical operations (to the degree it impacts revenue cycle) and financial performance. We know what’s practical to implement, what kind of “ROI” you can expect from any improvements, and the changes you and your staff may need to make to be truly successful.

Typically, we evaluate and diagnose along three axes to ensure you have the appropriate infrastructure in place to accomplish your mission:




How we can help

Through our engagements, we have enabled numerous physician organizations around the country to effectively and efficiently improve their bottom lines, while maintaining their focus on patient care. MD Solutions can assist your organization in several ways: 

  • Consulting

    Leveraging years of experience in practice management with a deep knowledge base related to everything Revenue Cycle and Technology, we can provide you with strategic guidance, full assessments, focused assessments and interim management/personnel as required.

  • Revenue Cycle

    We have worked with organizations to improve all aspects of running a fine tuned Revenue Cycle Department. From Charge Capture to paid in full, we have touched upon all aspects of the revenue cycle and clients have benefited significantly from our engagements. We bring solutions to the most complex of problems.

  • Analytics

    We’ve not seen one system that does it all, however with an open mind and desire to bring desperate data from clinical, practice management, human resources, general ledger, banking, etc. together, there is always a way. We take a Swiss army knife approach – you need many tools in the tool box to be successful in this area.

    We have the experience, and more importantly the desire, to find “How” we are going to solve your problem rather than “If”.  

  • Technology

    Our customers use technology including Veradigm (Formerly Allscripts), Athena Practice, Athena Centricity (Formerly GE/IDX), EPIC, etc. We have been successful in helping organizations get the most out of their investments. Whether it’s bringing to their attention feature and functionality overlooked or developing with our customers solutions that compliment the investment you have already made with your practice management system, we are ready for the challenge.

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